About Me

My name is Antonio Triolo, and I'm a freelance photographer from Sicily.
I have a past as a Roadie, and a passion as a musician, I have worked as a merchandiser, driver, production assistant, assistant promoter, band assistant and stage manager.

I started to take my first steps with photography through music, photographing backstage at the concerts of the bands I was touring with.
After the first exhibitions for pure pleasure, photography became my job.

Over the years I have collaborated for various live clubs, promoters, productions and festivals, with magazines, music webzines and brands that support musicians and artists, such as Red Bull and Monster, increasingly strengthening the vital and personal symbiosis I feel between music and photography.

Roy Paci, Calexico, Korn, Deftones, Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Skunk Anansie,
Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Paolo Nutini, The White Buffalo, Alborosie, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tim Reynolds, Kaki King, Megadeth, 5FDP, Bad Wolves, Corleone, Tommy Guerrero, Cavalera Conspiracy, Radio Moscow, Litfiba, Negrita, Brian Lopez, Subsonica, Marlene Kuntz, Franz Ferdinand, Il Teatro degli Orrori, Red Fang, The Zen Circus, Roger Waters, Blues Pills, Afterhours, Zucchero, Lorenzo Jovanotti, The Morloks, Carmen Consoli, The Dead Brothers, Timber Timbre, Dark Horses, A Place to Bury Strangers, Spiritualized, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Santana, Balthazar, Mixhell,Vinicio Capossela, Ivano Fossati,Antonio Sanchez, Mannarino, Levante, Luciano Ligabue, 99 Posse, Diodato, Brunori sas,Cacao Mental, John Lui,Sud Sound System,Willie Peyote,Savana Funk,Cor Veleno,
A toys orchestra,Negramaro,Daniele Silvestri, Davide Shorty, Ghemon, are many of the international artists and bands that I have had the pleasure of photographing, with several of whom establishing exclusive collaborations, which then became relationships of deep respect and friendship, which have helped me to find new creative motivation, and wonderful opportunities to continue my journey through music and photography.

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